JEREMIAH the Weeping Prophet, Parts 1 - 10, Box Set

The Book of Jeremiah is one of the most important in all of Scripture. It draws on the previous revelation of God to Israel, and is then itself cited numerous times in the Gospels pointing to Christ and His redemptive work. When Jesus asked His disciples, "Who do men say I am?", their reply was "Jeremiah!" But why? What was it that associated Jesus with Jeremiah? The parallels between them are astounding! In this DVD series on the life and ministry of Jeremiah the Prophet we explore his call by God to be a prophet - not just to Israel, but to the nations. 

This is a box set of 10 DVDs in this 200 Part Mega Series on the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah. If we fail to appreciate the Book of Jeremiah, we cannot possibly understand the background to the Gospel - and we especially cannot understand the Book of Revelation!

In a world of instant coffee, 1-minute noodles, drive-through take-away meals, and instant downloads, it might seem odd to be invited to slow down and ponder a book of the Bible over a longer than usual period of time. But your investment of time and a small amount of cash will reap huge dividends. (Each of these DVDs retails for $14.95 each.) This set of 10 DVDs is valued at $149.50, but we are making it available for a limited time as a box-set for just $39.95 for all 10 DVDs!

Jeremiah was called from a young age to speak the word of God to the people of Israel, how did Jeremiah respond to this call?

The people had turned their backs on God, in this series we look at the forgiving nature of God but also the just and righteous nature of God. Judgment was about to come upon the people of Judah - but God's judgment is always redemptive. 

We see through this series that the book of Jeremiah is perhaps more relevant now than ever before!

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JEREMIAH the Weeping Prophet, Parts 1 - 10, Box Set

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