Which Translation Can I Trust?
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One of the glories of the Christian Bible is that it can be translated into any language and still retain its divine inspiration. The work of the Bible Translator is a sacred task. They must ensure that the documents they are translating from are faithful to the most original. Then they must carefully determine the best way to translate these manuscripts into the 'receptor' language. This involves the considered use of 'dynamic equivalence' by the translators.

Advocates of the "King James" only claim that all other English Bibles are corrupt since they are based on faulty manuscripts. How accurate is this belief? Are modern translations reliable?

These are some of the issues discussed in this eBook by Dr. Andrew Corbett. This is one of those issues that is not often thought-through by believers yet one upon which the entire trustworthiness of their belief system rests. Which Translation Can I Trust? 

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Which Translation Can I Trust?

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